Our Church Ministries

Here's a list of our Church Ministries at Calvary Bible Church.

The 'CLICK' Church

CLICK is an acronym for ‘Children Learning in Christ’s Kingdom’—the children church of the Truth of Calvary Ministries, which operates with the mandate to raise Godly children and future leaders with world-class knowledge, rich morals and values, and prepare them for kingdom service.

Da Nu Breed

Da Nu Breed (the teenage church) operates with a vision which is to raise future leaders that will influence the society positively and impact their generation. Da Nu Breed Church runs simultaneously with the adult church, and teenagers are allowed to organize, lead, and handle all their activities under supervision as a way of grooming them into responsible individuals and future leaders.

GEMS Youth Fellowship

Gems Youth Forum is the next phase after graduation from the teen’s age (Da Nu Breed). Activities here are intended to build young people, transform their minds, awaken their spirits, teach, support, and motivate them towards living responsible lives and leading the change they want to see in the society.

Men Of Courage Fellowship

Men of Courage Fellowship brings men of all ages together to interact, grow in relationship with Jesus Christ, encourage each other to become Christ-modelled leaders in the church and their homes, and make positive impact. Activities of the Men of Courage include monthly prayer sessions, church support, quarterly department helps in sustaining our fellowships, ministry beautiful seminars and empowerment summits, community service, outreach, mentoring and coaching of the younger generation.

Women Of Grace

Women of Grace Fellowship is a fellowship for raising women who are fully committed to God, family, and destiny. Their programs are aimed at helping women find and fulfill their purpose in God, build their homes, and take active part in evangelism and in line with the Church’s vision to save the unsaved.